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The creative process can be best described as a path your company and CGM wil travel from point “A” (concept) to point “B” (finished product). The path is often traveled in a spiral. Beginning with a loose idea. As you approach the finished product or center of the spiral, the concept materializes and the overall message is realized. After the finishing touches are executed  by our expert production team — you are ready to tell your story. We always start with a meeting or a phone call to interview our clients so we can establish a  general direction to travel. But our contact does not end there. Our clients remain part of the process to the finish.

Any successful marketng campaign takes time. If you plan to unveil a new product and/or service, it’s best to start thinking about your message at least 2-3 months in advance. For any newly designed printed materials, we should be talking about them around 1-2 months before the required delivery, depending on the scope of the project*. Specialty items can take anywhere between two to eight weeks to produce and deliver once the approved art is prepared. There are exceptions, of course: A two-sided postcard will take less time than a 48-page brochure. *Timelines are relative to the size and scope of any project.

With your expert knowledge of your customer base, we can formulate the message that is absolutely perfect and customized for your business. We are well versed in all demographics and can recommend the best path to take. Our team approaches each challenge with a proven strategy. This eliminates any miscommunication of your message to your customers.  

Once you’ve gotten their attention, you shouldn’t  stop there. A constant presence will perpetuate customer loyalty. There are several methods CGM can recommend that will keep your message constant in their minds. However, we are sensitive to your budget and will suggest a marketing strategy maintanece that is prudent and manageable. 

Our culture is ego-free and unintimidating. We are terrific listenters as well as experts in the field of creative communications. Our client’s best interest is top priority in everything we do.

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After much discernment, deliberation and diligence… our new company web site is live and among the living. The best part of all,  is that it will continue to grow over time so we invite you, our favorite folks to visit often. We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done over the past several years as well as our vast capabilities and customer service that is unmatched. Just click the thumbnail image below to get started.


We are proud to announce that our company letterhead, business card, envelope and mailing label have been chosen by Rockport Publishers to appear in the upcoming Letterhead + Logo 12 book that will hit the shelves Fall 2011. Although it’s not at the top of our list of goals, recognition by our industry peers is always welcome. The inclusion of our identity package would not have been possible without the team effort that went into its development. With Edmund Gomez’s web site design (coming soon) as inspiration and Dan Snyder’s input for implementing the Quick Response codes, Mark Frankel had the elements needed to develop a cohesive and successful package. We’ll be sure to update you when the book is available as well as posting some pics of our work in the book.

We just wanted to share with all of you our latest addition to the CGM family Lucca dos Reis… He was born on 8/20 @ 2:45am, 8lbs 11oz, 21.5 in.
Mom and baby are doing great!!

Congratulations to Patrizia and Kayser!

We recently came across this article (see link) about the new stadium at Kennesaw State University, home of the Atlanta Beat Women’s Professional Soccer Club. CGM is proud to have participated in the success of their food and beverage program by designing and printing their luxury suite menus and their concession signage. We would also like to congratulate Proof of the Pudding’s continued success in their innovative culinary prowess.


Introducing Owen Franco. These new photos came in over the weekend. We are so pleased to finally see the little guy. Congratulations to both Merritt and Rick!

Check out these recent samples from CGM. If you are looking to promote your company, club or team. Or, you want to sell a product to raise funds … consider customized apparel. If you wear it, we can put your logo or art on it. Do you need custom art created? We do that too. Contact us at for more info.

We are pleased to announce that our own Merritt Franco has given birth to a healthy baby boy. Owen Dominic Franco was born on May 27, 2010 at 1:26 pm Central. Weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great. Please join us in congratulating Merritt and Rick for the birth of their new son.

Most of the offices are empty now—boxes are everywhere, slowly but surely making their way on over to Madison Street. This is a huge move and we should take this time to thank Greg and Eugene for all their hard work in getting us over there.

At this time we are not exactly sure when to report to the new office as the phone lines are not ready and this issue gumming up the works. We’ll let you know when we are basking in the glow of our new space. And, as soon as I unpack the cable that connects the camera to my computer, I’ll be uploading pictures of  both the old and the new.

Click the link for a clearer image of our announcement.  CGM Moving Announcement v1r1